What We Do In The Shadows

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Eternal. Vampire. Roommates.

Working closely with Jemaine Clement on the TV adaptation of his hit indie film What We Do In The Shadows, was even more fun than you would think. Coming up with all the stylized images of the characters and environments for their portraits to be featured in was an awesome experience I’ll not soon forget.

In this fully CG sequence, we were tasked with showcasing a myriad of images of our bloodsucking cast of characters. From renaissance style paintings to 70’s style polaroids, the idea was to represent the vampires through all the different centuries of living together as roommates.

/ Credits

Method Studios

Director and Designer: John Likens

Animation: Andrew Paulus, Keri Moller, Jeffrey Welk

Producer: Bennet Leiber

Coordinator: Kyle Fader

Music: You’re Dead by Norma Tenega