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The Name’s Pool, Deadpool.

Working on a Deadpool project is something I had dreamed about back before there was ever a mention of a film being made. When I was just learning to animate, I would scan pages from Deadpool comics and try to bring the character to life. So when Director David Leitch and VFX Supervisor Dan Glass approached Method Studios to develop some materials for Deadpool 2, I couldn’t help but put together a concept treatment for an opening sequence. The first Deadpool film had such an iconic opening sequence, it set a high bar for the franchise and inspired me to create something equally as strong for the sequel. I thought it would be really fun to take Deadpool through the tropes of Bond film opening sequences, so we pitched the concept to David Leitch, Ryan Reynolds, and their team. Turns out they loved it as much as we did. To pull it off the right way, the opening sequence would require help from every department at Method New York. Every artist, on every team brought something special to the table. It was a really fun project; everyone was doing their best work and it was definitely a career highlight for me.

The fun didn’t stop there however. With about 3 weeks to go before the final delivery of the film, production asked us to come up with ideas for the end titles sequence as well. The selected 90-second sequence would go on to feature a montage of crayon drawings, presumably done by Deadpool, that revisit scenes from the film. I drew nearly 60 different ‘Wade Wilson Original’ drawings for the sequence by hand, with about half making it into the final cut.


/ Credits

Opening Title Sequence

Director and Designer: John Likens
Executive Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
Executive Producers: Angela LupoAdrienne Mitchell
Producer: Emily Schaeberle
VFX Supervisor: Gong Myung Lee
CG Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero
Compositing Supervisor: Ryan Leonard
Pipeline Technical Director: Scott Aufderheide
VFX Coordinator: Kristin Engdahl
VFX Artists:


Main On End Sequence

Director and Designer: John Likens
Executive Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
Executive Producers: Angela Lupo, Adrienne Mitchell
Art Director: Wes Ebelhar
Animator: Courtland Noble
Coordinator: Kristin Engdahl