The Twilight Zone


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A New Dimension of Imagination.

In the late 50’s and 60’s, the original Twilight Zone featured an opening sequence that showed people something they had never seen before. It was engaging, mystifying, and truly iconic.
In 2019, CBS decided to reboot the series. Of course, bringing back the classic show meant figuring out what to do with the classic opening.

Working with Jordan Peele and his production team at Monkey Paw, we explored a lot of different ideas up front. We all fully realized how important it was to get this right. We knew we had to pay homage to the timeless original sequence, but at the same time we owed it to ourselves to explore ideas within that space. We thought, in true Rod Serling fashion, we would try something completely different, really out there. Something surprising, something that people wouldn’t expect. After visually developing a few different concepts, it quickly became apparent that with The Twilight Zone, it had to be a perfect modernization of the original. Serling created something so timeless in the original series opener that replacing it with anything else just wouldn’t be right for the show.

It was a real honor to reimagine and modernize a title sequence that holds such a special place in American television history.

/ Credits

Method Studios

Director: John Likens

Art Director: Wesley Ebelhar

Design and Animation: John Likens, Jason Diaz, Kevin Sanchez

FX Artists: Ehsan Parizi, Jeongyeon Son

CG Artists: Da Suel Kim, David Derwin, Sari Rodrig

Executive Producer: Adrienne Mitchell

Producer: Emily Schaeberle

Coordinator: Billy McMillen

Music: Marco Beltrami, Brandon Roberts