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The New World.

Season 2 of SEE is all about exploring the greater world. We’re no longer just out in the wilderness – this story will take us on an epic journey into new territories and lost cities.
My goal was to reflect that exciting new change in the main title sequence. The tendril-like growth system applied to all the visuals in the sequence is meant to visually suggest how through various senses, the blind characters will assemble in their minds, their idea of how things might look as they venture into the dangerous unknown.

/ Credits

Director, Designer, Animator: John Likens


Art Director / FX Artist: Danil Krivoruchko


VFX Supervisor: Gong Myung Lee

FX Supervisor: Tomas Slancik

CG Supervisor: Brian Dinoto

CG / FX Artists: David Derwin, Tomas Zaveckas, Kevin Gillen, Jeongyeon Son, Claire Yawen Chang

Compositors: Rodrigo De La Parra, Michael Glenn


Executive Producer: Adrienne Mitchell

Senior Design Producer: Emily Schaeberle

Design Coordinator: Natalia Zsholobchuk


Original Theme Music by: Bear McCreary


Produced at Method Studios