Mission Blue

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Anytime you get to use your design skills to broaden peoples awareness about important issues, the job inevitably turns into a passion project. I was honored to be on board for this incredible documentary film helmed by Oscar winning director Fisher Stevens and the crew at Framestore New York. I was asked to visually articulate some of the films more complex and jarring bits of information. For example, how do you communicate visually to your audience that in 1947 there was one single oil drilling site in the Gulf of Mexico, and in 2016 there are more than 33,000? Or, how do we graphically represent the millions of gallons of waste runoff that is being dumped straight into the Gulf each year? The images above and the animations in the film are my answers to these questions.  I strongly encourage everyone to see this powerful documentary film about the state of our oceans. The message is one of hope as well as a clear call to action.



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Production : Framestore NY

Creative Director : Marc Smith

Art Director :  John Likens

Animation : Andy Rowan-RobinsonShayne RyanJohn LikensRaul OrtegaHieu Phan