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Welcome to No Man’s Land.

Collaborating closely with Writer/Director Scott Frank and EP Steven Soderbergh on the opening title sequence for their new Netflix series was a real honor.
After reading the scripts for all 7 episodes, it was clear this was going to be something special and I started designing up concepts immediately. The violent, dusty and gritty 1880’s wild west they had created provided a plethora of visuals and themes for me to explore. As always, the top talent at Method Studios helped bring this bad boy to life.



/ Credits

Director: John Likens
Executive Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
CG Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero
3D / FX / Animation: Sekani SolomonMatt HackettOhad BrachaOrges KokoshariDavid DerwinSari RodrigCasey ReuderDavid Drese, Claire Chang, Irene Kim, Goran Ognjanovic
Model: Melissa Fink
Producer: Emily Schaeberle
Executive Producer: Angela Lupo