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For New Line Cinema’s “Collateral Beauty,” director David Frankel turned to Method Studios to create a high-end look for the opening titles. The CG title sequence provides a minimalist, abstract view of white dominos against a white background, artfully exploring light and shadow while channeling a notable scene from the film. We developed a clean look that would establish a unique opening while subtly playing with the film’s themes of solitude, pain, and trying to find the light in your circumstances. The domino visuals also bookend with a significant moment in the story. I had the privilege of working closely with David Frankel, exploring subtle textures on the dominos and background and experimenting with different lighting set ups, refining the visuals to be beautifully understated. Tim Stipin from Deluxe’s Company 3 provided color grading for the film, as well as the title sequence. Frankel was ultimately so pleased with the concept that it became the basis for much of the film’s marketing materials.

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/ Credits

Director / Design: John Likens
3D: Gap Yossanun Sangpattharamatee
Producer: Emily Schaeberle
Executive Producer: Angela Lupo
Colorist: Tim Stipin, CO3